India Fight Against Covid-19

Arohan Foundation is one of the largest independent and youth volunteer, non-profit organization in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.




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One day all children will have the opportunity to acquire education with the knowledge of  moral values.


A group of educated youth can create a good environment for education which helps in the learning and development of leadership skills of children as well as youth.


To help and promote unprivileged children through education to make them better human and dutiful citizens of the nation.

"Arohan is just like a temple where we burn the light of knowledge and build the foundation for bright future of the children".
Rupali Singh
( President/Chairperson )
"Every member of Arohan Foundation is just like a lamp who will endeavor to finish the dark in every corner of the nation".
Saurabh Singh Parihar
( Founder & Secretary )
"We work together to empower the students of Arohan Foundation with best opportunities in preparing them for the future, We are here for a reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark."
Mridula Mishra
( Team Head & Project Manager )


AROHAN means moving Forward/climbing. The objective of the AROHAN is to educate and bring overall development amongst deprived children as well as to nurture and thrive them as responsible citizens of this society and country. Nature does nothing for itself, similarly living for others is the right way to enjoy the life.

Mr. Jitendra Pandey

( Vice President - AROHAN FOUNDATION )

Arohan Foundation is lighting a candle of education in the life of underprivileged children in Prayajraj City, Uttar Pradesh. Their passion & devotion for the betterment of society is seen in this pandemic Covid-19, where all the members are reaching helpless & needy people and providing them food in a different part of the cities risking their own life. They are doing amazing work. I wish everyone all the best for their future.

Mr. Bikash Singh

( Gandhi Fellow - Piramal Foundation )

It is said that the most important part one helps to run the car is the wheel and in an organization, we called it a leader. Arohan Foundation had got not just one leader, here all members possess the same spirit of leadership which is leading organizations day by day and their effective leadership we can see in their students.

Mr. Durgesh Sharma

( Gandhi Fellow - Piramal Foundation )

We the Arohanians are just trying to spread education in every corner of society. Besides spreading education we are also making aware of the society towards the environment because in our opinion, ” Environment and economy along with the bright future of the country are two faces of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment we cannot imagine the bright future of society.”

Mr. Anand Singh

( Program Leader - Arohan Foundation )

Being a student of science stream, i didn’t know that how can i contribute, but after collaborating with all, we did it together. it was really an awesome experience for me. The ground level works done by our family members is really appreciated.

Mr. Anshuman Singh

( Web Developer & Technical Head / AROHAN FOUNDATION )

We the team of AROHAN FOUNDATION pulled up our socks , assemble our team & thoughts and trying to put efforts in the vision of educated and equal citizenship. As I know that “Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championship.” We are ready to touch so many benchmark in future.

Mr. Himanshu Mishra

( Owner / KCM Furniture Prayagraj )

Every child should have the opportunity to receive the quality education because education is the most powerful weapon to bring a change in this society as well as in individual’s life. Arohan Foundation is that ladder which ensures the needed and helpless kids to step forward in their life and carve them to become a good and responsible human along with having a safe, secure and beautiful life.

Ms. Sanya Singh